R&D Tax Incentive Claim Preparation

The preparation of an R&D Tax Incentive claim involves:

  • Collation and analysis of technical information;

  • Preparation of formal government documents and additional technical documentation;

  • Application of detailed accounting methodologies; and

  • Application of the R&D tax legislation and AusIndustry and ATO administrative processes.


Greenwich & Co are experienced in preparing successful R&D Tax Incentive claims. We are able to assist in all aspects of the R&D tax incentive claim preparation process including:

  • Identification of eligible R&D activities to be included in the claim

  • Technical scoping of these projects

  • Preparation/updating of R&D substantiation documentation

  • Collation of eligible R&D expenditure for inclusion within R&D Tax Schedule and R&D Applications

  • Preparation and lodgement of the Application for Registration of R&D Activities

  • Calculation of the 38.5% non-refundable/43.5% refundable Tax Offset attributable to the R&D activities

  • Preparation and finalisation of the R&D Tax Schedule

  • Provision of a claim summary letter

  • Advice relating to an AusIndustry review or ATO audit.

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Lee Carter
Lee CarterTax Principal (R&D Tax – Innovation Grants – EMDG)