Outward Investment

Through our international network Morison KSi we have connections to help you succeed in your overseas expansion plans. Whether it is to get an early stage understanding of a new market, the import export rules and regulations, setting up as a sales/ distribution channel to setting up overseas offices or subsidiaries, or securing acquisitions, Greenwich has the necessary expertise to make it happen.

Professional Staff

As a member firm of international accountancy association, Morison KSi, we offer our Australian clients the strength and experience of 375 independent accountancy firms across 88 countries to support their international reach. The combination of geographic knowledge, commercial expertise and client empathy has given us a great track record in helping clients grow their business internationally.

Useful links:

The Corporate Regulator – Australian Securities and Investment Commision www.asic.gov.au

The Australian Securities Exchange www.asx.com.au

Small Business Government Grants www.governmentgrantsaustralia.org

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Nick Hollens
Nick HollensManaging Director